Last Friday I sat with a colleague of mine, whom professionally, I’ve half-voluntarily supported the last 9 months. It’s not like I have spare time at work 😅 . So his last day would be end of this month and that means his portion of load will come to me. In my attempt in pushing an early handover list, I found myself preaching about how I still do this role for the past two years and still, because so much that I get to learn, cool things like fire management, generator and even types of breads 😃.

It must have been the thing, or at least one of those that keep me in the job. It does not earned me as much but it’d be enough to live in luxury if I wanted to. Working hours and days are good, lots of freedom in managing myself, task and whatever else I want to do. Own office, good coffee and option to a good meal every working day are bonus 😁!

At that point I was just bit perplexed on why I often felt burdened having a job as such. I have so much to be grateful about and yet I opted to see everything else but.

I guess, it’d somehow gotten into me since as I have to check, daily, the condition and cleanliness of things at work, and to highlight the findings to the team for them to fix. So, it’s like looking at the world with broken glasses, everything will have a defect which stands out and poke my eyes at the first glance 🙈 . Owh no..!

Recently, I consciously try to be positive in any opportunity, and man, it is not as easy! Maintaining positive thoughts and attitude are just essentials. I have to take a step back and monitor my thoughts carefully, exercise my mind to start with positive side of every coin. After all, I’m the master of my mind.

Maybe do more yoga and meditation would help further?

Or ice cream !😜 wkwkwk

But seriously, positive vibes only 👑

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