Acceptable, Affordable Resolutions

I have been contemplating between resolutions, carefully selecting what should be making my busy days busier and how things should change or stay the way they have been. It is almost the actual new year for me.

1. I looked at the 2017 running chart and how much running I did, there was no passing grade or anything, yet somehow I felt like I had a C.


So, in the spirit of living even a healthier, more active and energized life, this year I will run some more.

I spent the whole week last week being thoroughly deciding whether I’m going to run a half Marathon in March. The first day I was a click away from paying the registration fee, I knew if I didn’t do it there and then, I will stop me.  And I did. For the better.

I think I can make it, the HM. I would had to put in quite an effort to practise, which I failed to do everyday last week! Given an average of total 6.5 hrs sleep, I was still too tired to drag myself off the bed. My God.. seems my upgraded work has taken a toll on me. Yeap, this girl is taking care of 3 roles starting this year. If a brain is seen as a room, mine must be a very very very crowded one.

So, I learned to listen to my body.

Yes I may be a lazy bum, but failing 7 days in a row is not my thing. I must had been really tired. I figure it would be best to try out the HM after I’m done giving labors. You know, safe guarding those important organs. So I signed up for 10k instead! A very affordable distance, it will be just a question of how strong the finish will be.  That would be my first something to look forward to, this year 🙂


2. I’d like to think that running is the extrovert side of me. While Yoga is the introvert side of me. Screenshot_20180129-215911


I got myself 7 beautiful yoga pants last December. My old mat can still serve me. I must admit, Yoga calms me down alright. Not easy to go into that mood, but it’s my to go to in time of need. Years from now, I may end up doing Yoga everyday, which I think would be great healthy routine. All I need is just need that little will (and big kick on my lazy ass hahaha)





3. It’s been 3 weeks and I struggle to finish a book. Yeap, I’ve decided to pick up reading again. I recall to be a very active member of local rental bookstore when I was at school. I remember reading 1 to 3 books every week going back and forth to that store and actually paid rent for each book. I could only remember reading 1 book over these last 5 years, a very good book. Seriously, I did not see it going hahahaha


4. Obviously I still think writing is my thing, I wouldn’t otherwise typing here at midnight. I have to arrange some sort of quick access to this, so I don’t have to procrastinate any other post for 28 days.. wkwkwk

Funny that I put first all of other things that are actually not what I really really wanted/needed to do for myself.

I should print out this resolution list and put it everywhere. Focus, dear..!


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