‘Bit of Both

One of the new year resolutions is to start reading again, so there is this book that I’ve been struggling to read –Quiet Power-. I think I was mainly an extrovert and somehow along the way I have become an introvert and now and Ambivert.

Social encounters would energize me only halfway of the event and then drains me out at some point. Which when I will have that desperate necessity to retreat and just be reclusive. I always know that strategy works for me, but have never been able to define it so clearly until this book did 🙂

Me being Ambivert, still sometimes confuses me. Part of me love to socialize, to reach out, to learn, to see new perspectives, plus I think I’m a great listener, a descent conversation is almost guaranteed. However, it seems I get exhausted fast in the process, you know..putting yourself out there, getting all new information, trying to understand and/or digesting & explaining your thoughts on the spot. Once I reach that phase, I’d just switch into the introvert side of me. At this point, I will start self negating all that I just did. I retreat.

It’s not about the people, it’s about me. I just gotta listen to myself and pace.

This was us, escaping from a 2 days long of Chinese New Year celebration..just for a short 40 minutes. Rain, coffee and book.. while he just liberally tried to sleep on the table.. wkwkwk

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