Ambitious – I’m Good At It

Here we go again,

12 minimum hours of intense work, walk, think, plan and check.

5 days/week + 1 day work from mobile phone during day off

Oh la la! I am both stressed out and excited with the challenge ๐Ÿ˜Œ I used to think this would be the best time to cut my working break loose, but this year is totaly the other way around.

The more I realized that my busy-ness are the things I choose to handle. I just have to make my priorities right, I just have to make tine for myself. I just have to be “OK” inside, otherwise the rest will be just chaos

I just have to choose my battle.

Everything else but work chaos are going pretty good otherwise. I’m so proud to actually have a lofe outside of work. Yesterday I somehow managed to finish 10k run race after almost 3 weeks without any exercise.

And of course I was far away from standing on podium hahaha, but guess what, I did 6 Personal (time) Records. I always know that I am competitive but how I raced out this one, I shocked myself. Ha!

All I do is outperform myself #win

And suddenly these hit me:

Am I so good at work because there are constant measurements of how I perfom? Constant recognition, constant monhtly reward (earning), constant evaluation, constant feedback..

I guess that’s partially why I’m hooked to running. Immediate feedback of pace, distance, HR and even kudos.

So if I don’t work (for others) anymore, how is it to measure my performance?

how do I keep myself motivate?

how do I know when I stand at one point of time?

how do I know when to push and when to slow down

how do I know my extent of abilities?

how do I cope?

will I be constantly good at what I do then?

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